10 Quirky Facts About A Quirky Girl

Hey, guys! In light of my new blog, I thought I should probably introduce myself to you a bit. I have pulled together a list of ten facts about me to set the tone for this new blog. Yes, I am quirky, but aren’t we all?

    1. I am an all-or-nothing k
    2. ind of girl. I either really like something, or I really don’t. There is no in-between. It may seem like it may cause problems (and i

  1. t has), but I think it is a blessing, too. It gives life more meaning, more color, I guess.
  2. I’m a movie girl. There are maybe two movies I actually don’t like. (The ending of Remember Me. Really?) I can quote a ton of them, too.
  3. I really like I mean, really. It is borderline obsessive. I have basically sold my soul to Dean Winchester. If you watch Supernatural, we’re practically family. If you don’t know what Supernatural is, read my article here. Give it a try! You just might fall in love with hit.
  4. I watched my first silent film a few months ago, and I loved it! It was the original The Phantom of the Opera with Lon Chaney. I loved it! It took a few minutes to get used to not hearing the music I know and love. Once I moved past that, I saw the beauty and elegance in it, and I fell in love. (Although I still prefer Gerard Butler, because who wouldn’t?) If you haven’t seen the silent film version, I highly recommend it
  5. . However, be warned. It is certainly an acquired taste.
  6. I am a Psych-o. I grew up on I have seen every episode multiple times, and I can quote a lot of lines. Shules all the way! And that movie revival? I was dying! Honestly, if it was any other show it probably would have sucked, but because Psych was already a silly, fantastical show, it worked! (This was before Supernatural. Although Psych still holds a special place in my heart, nothing beats Supernatural.)
  7. I love country music. It is almost all I listen to. I do listen to some other genres, but probably ninety-five percent of my playlist is country. I will probably recommend some country music, so if you don’t like country, you should probably skip over those articles.
  8. Brantley Gilbert all the way! He is my favorite singer. Some of you may not know who he is; some of you may. He is considered country, but he has a lot of rock in him, too. His music makes me happy. If you don’t know who he is, give him a try. Even if you don’t like country, you might find some songs you still like. Like I said, there is a lot of rock in him.
  9. I have the travel bug. Bad. I grew up in a small town where everybody knew everybody. That certainly didn’t help my case. I never felt like I belonged in that town, and all I want to do is travel to see the world. Much to my family’s chagrin, of course.
  10. I am terrified of escalators. I am incapable of riding them, unless absolutely necessary. I will take the stairs or the elevator. I know, it’s ridiculous, but I’m always scared my clothes will get stuck in them. On the occasions that I absolutely had to ride the escalator, my legs were jelly, and I hated it. So I will not ride them if I can avoid it. My best friend makes sure to make fun of me for it every time we go to the mall.
  11. I dream big. Maybe a little too big. I have all these things I want to do, and a few are a bit out of reach. But that is part of the excitement, isn’t it? That will make it much more satisfying when it happens because so many people told me it wouldn’t.

Well, that’s me. Now tell me about you!