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It has been ten years since Alex Williams’s life changed forever. Six months following his ten-year-old brother’s suicide, Alex fled the city that never sleeps and attempted to start over in Los Angeles, haunted yet comforted by the fact that he can still see his little brother. When he arrived, he found something entirely unexpected: a girl by the name of Miranda Hall, a girl broken and beaten relentlessly by the monsters in their school. Amidst the pain and tears, these two found in each other the solace and love they’d always needed.

Now, ten years later, Alex’s life is changing yet again. Struggling to raise a four-year-old girl with an absentee wife he still loves dearly, Alex receives a phone call in the middle of the night. A dear friend has passed away. Her brother, Troy–also a dear friend, though in high school he was anything but, filled with guilt and regret over all the things he did in high school and all the things he did to drive his sister away, has vanished. Alex is the only one who can find him. But now he has a bigger responsibility: bring his friend back from the depths of despair. He has a plan, too. But will one decade-old story be enough to save Troy from himself?